Organic Cow Manure 25L

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Rich composted Cow Manure great for all plants and vegetables

Greenworld Organics Organic Cow Manure is a brilliant and nutrient enriched product for your garden.

  • Rich Composted Cow Manure
  • Great For All Plants & Vegetables
  • Improves Soil Structure & Water Retention
  • Feeds Earthworms & Other Soil Biology

This product provides a balanced and readily available nutrient-rich soil conditioner. A well-structured soil is essential for plant growth, so consider using Greenworld Organics low odour composted Organic Cow Manure in your garden. It is a form of organic matter, and can be added to all soil types prior to planting or to recondition the soil and supply much needed nutrients to plants.


Simple Directions:

It is recommended to wear gardening gloves when handling and using all planting materials. Greenworld Organics Organic Cow Manure can be used in many ways. It is designed to save time and money, and is guaranteed to produce excellent results season after season.

Use as a Soil Conditioner:

  1. After removing weeds, apply 50-100mm later of Greenworld Organics Organic Cow Manure over the top of your soil
  2. Dig in well to a depth of at least 150mm

For Top Dressing around Trees:

  1. Spread a bag of Greenworld Organics Organic Cow Manure to at least a 1-2 metre diameter from the trunk (leave a gap of 5-10cm around the trunk) to a depth of 25-50mm
  2. Water this in slowly and avoid any erosion
  3. Mulch on top with a feeder, soil improving mulch like Sugar Cane or Lucerne
  4. Water this layer in well. This will feed the surface root system for months and you will see the results nearly immediately.

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